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2 months ago

Dear Junior High Parents
Dear Junior High Parents,
It is with a mix of emotions that I write this letter. Three years ago, I was blessed with the opportunity to become part of the Junior High staff. I partnered with an amazing team of students, parents, and staff -- we set the goal of “every student - every day.” We wanted to create a building where students were kind to one another and grew in their learning. It is with great pride that I say we, as a team, have made tremendous strides in accomplishing this goal. We have continued to grow, learn and strengthen our foundation which will continue to improve the future. As each school has it’s path to success so does each student and staff member. It is with a heavy heart and a breath of excitement that I announce that I will be leaving my position as Principal of Eastmont Junior High to accept the position as Principal of Clovis Point Intermediate. Over the next year, I will have the pleasure of moving Clovis to an elementary school (K-6) while keeping the strong work that Clovis has done alive. While my decision was not made lightly, I reflect on what we have accomplished and put into motion here at the Junior High and have the utmost confidence that the students and staff will continue to do amazing things.
I would like to thank each and every one of you for affording me the opportunity to work with your children. Dr. Christensen is committed to finding the perfect replacement for the Junior High.
All the best,
Amy Dorey
Principal, Eastmont Junior High
Personal Items
Eastmont Junior High is not responsible for your personal items if lost or stolen. Please leave your personal items, such as your phone, AirPods, cash, ect.….at home. If you cannot leave them at home, then lock them in your locker.