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Supply List

over 3 years ago

Eastmont Junior High—School Supplies  

As you look for school supplies, please keep in mind some recommendations/requirements from EJHS and its departments . . .

English: Regular blue or black ink pens (no neon colors for school work), #2 pencils, erasers, colored pencils, small scissors, correction fluid, 3-ring notebook/binder (not PeeChee folders), lots of lined notebook paper–not spiral type (some classes may request spiral notebooks for journal writing). Suggestions for at-home resources include a good dictionary (40,000+ words), thesaurus, colored pencils, stapler, glue stick, 3-hole punch, and correction fluid.

Math: ¼ inch graph paper, paper, composition books (required only for Mrs. Auvil, Mr. Baxter & Mrs. Long) pencil top erasers, large pink erasers, pencils, pens (blue/black & red), and book covers.  Calculator: A scientific calculator such as the Texas Instruments TI-36X Pro, or the Casio fx-115ES PLUS (neither of these calculators should be more than about $20.00).  Optional by individual teachers are protractor, compass and 3-ring binder. The graph composition book will be available for purchase on Bobcat Activity Day for $1.50.

History & Geography: A set of colored Crayola pencils (1 doz. min.), pen or pencil.

Metals 1 / Metals 2 / Woods 1 / Woods 2 / Exploring Technology: Required Items: Lab Fee of $5.00. This covers cost of materials for the required projects in the shop classes (welding rod, sheet metal, steel, wood, stain, nails, etc.). Students also need a pair of safety glasses which can be brought from home or purchased from the school for $3.00. Students constructing projects of their own choosing may have to provide materials or additional money . Optional Items: Metal Shop: Coveralls (the school has shop aprons and gloves for student use), tape measure, leather boots. Optional Items: Wood Shop: Rags, shop coat for staining and gluing, rubber gloves, tape measure.

P.E./Health: P.E. Shorts & P.E Shirt, these can be purchased on Bobcat Activity Day for $12.00 for the shorts and $8.00 for the shirt.  If purchased outside of the school, the shorts must be red and meet school dress code and the T-shirt must be gray.  Tie tennis shoes must be worn during P.E.

Band: All Band students, including percussionists, need to purchase "Foundations For Superior Perfor-mance” published by Kjos Music Co. Both Chinook and Avalon will have this book available. Please bring instruments the second day of school as they are not needed on the first day.  No zero hour on the first day of school.

Science:  Lab notebook, quad ruled composition book for science only not needed for AG Science (sold during Bobcat Activity Day for $1.75); colored pencils; small plastic ruler; and calculators.  1” Binder.

Spanish: Spiral notebook, folder and a Spanish/English Dictionary.