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Migrant and Bilingual Resources

11 months ago

English Language Proficiency Standards

English Language Proficiency Standards

The new ELP standards focus on the critical language, knowledge about language and language skills present in college-and-career-ready standards.  These skills are essential for English Language Learners (ELLs) as they work toward academic success.  Look for correspondences to the practices and standards identified in the CCSS and Next Generation Science Standards.

Student Growth Tracking Tool

This tool allows teachers to monitor and record student language abilities in each grade throughout the year and focus one or more English Language Proficiency Standards that already correspond to Common Core Standards, or Math, and Science Practices. these were created by Nadya Bush from ESD 171.

Support for EL Instruction

Annie Douglas, GLAD Coach & EL support, can assist teachers in a variety of ways.

  • Create GLAD strategy resources to support specific content
  • Coach to utilize GLAD strategies
  • Analyze individual student data to provide most effective instruction
  • Help plan modifications and accommodations for students with limited English

Contact Annie: 


Assessement, Tech and Open Source Links

11 months ago

Assessment Links

Smarter Balance Log In

  • Assessment preparation.

WCAP  (Washingtion Comprehensive Assessment Program

  • Used by Test Administraters to set up Smarter Balanced Assessments.  For access instructions, please see "Available Files" below.

AIR - American Institutes for Research (TIDE)-

  • State Testing
  • To reset your TIDE password, e-mail the WA state Help Desk:
  • Please click "Available Files" for additional help and resources.

AIR Ways User Guide 2016-2017

Tech Tools

Microsoft Educator Network -  

     Includes: Quick Tip Videos, PD Courses, Free Tools, & Hot Topics

Open Educational Resources (OER)

These materials may be in the public domain or they have been released under an intellectual property license that permits their free use and re-purposing by others.


OER Commons

  • most curricular areas, K-12


  • most curricular areas, K-12

Creative Commons Search

  • most curricular areas, images, videos, music

  • 6 different licenses, all allowing educational use, but some are more restrictive than others.

  • be sure to follow the license

WA Reviewed OER Library

  • fairly new

  • English, Algebra and Geometry

National Science Digital Library

  • Science

Library of Congress

  • variety, especially history

PhET: Free online physics, chemistry, biology, earth science …

  • science simulations

Achieve the CORE

  • ELA/Literacy and Mathematics


  • Common Core lessons for English Language Arts, History and Math


  • Math, Science, English and History

Utah Open Textbooks

  • Science, English Language Arts, Math

WA State Council for the Social Studies Lesson Plans:

  • be careful, though.  It is up to the person posting to make sure they license the work.

Center for Open Educational Resources and Language Learning

  • International languages